Body Thermography is committed to elevating quality of life

early detection for your optimal health


Thermography is an option to Mammography

radiation free early detection


Hippocrates Invented

this Concept


The FDA has approved Thermography as a safe, non-invasive screening technique

for detecting risk of breast cancer


Welcome to Body Thermography

I am dedicated to elevating your quality of life utilizing Thermography as a complimentary component to my milieu of healing modalities focussed on early detection to empower you in achieving optimal health.

As an interdisciplinary practitioner and instructor in the healing arts for 30 years I offer modalities ranging from Reiki, LaStone Massage® and Cranial-Sacral Adjustment to Jin Shin Jyutsu, Reflexology and highly calibrated work in energy fields that make your intention… your reality. Please see the Services Menu for a comprehensive list of services I offer.

It is with great passion that I offer Thermography, as a compass-like tool, to help navigate you to your optimal health.

I look forward to working with you to achieve your spiritual and physical health goals.

—  Deborah Ardell Hill